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21 Online Communities For Bloggers – Best, Free, Awesome!

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Online Communities For Writers

Just started blogging and facing difficulties? Or maybe you are a new website owner and want to know about the best online communities for bloggers to get continuous help from experts. Let’s solve your problem once and for all. 

We will provide you with a list of 21 online communities to solve your problem. 

There are many benefits of online communities for bloggers. The primary benefit is you can learn from experienced ones and can save time making mistakes. 

At the end of the article, we will talk more about those groups.

Unfortunately, there are a million groups out there that are not worth your time. So, we researched and made a list of amazing groups that you must join right away. 

NOTE: Before moving on, you should keep in mind that by the time we are writing this article, the NAMES of the groups are the same as mentioned below. They may change in the future. So, don’t worry if you find the name of that group different. 

Now, let’s dive in straight away!

Best Online Communities For Bloggers

Blogging Boost 

This is one of the fantastic and active blogger’s groups that you can find on Facebook. It has over thirty-three thousand members. 

The main feature of the group is that it dedicates every single day of the week to different activities. In this way, this group moves forward in an organized manner. You are supposed to perform the following activities each day. 

Monday: It is your day to promote your blog

Tuesday:  Goals setting day (set your goals)

Wednesday: Social media shares

Thursday: You get feedback on the blog post that you submitted

Friday: This is the most exciting day. You look for the people who belong to your niche. And then connect with them and work on the projects. 

Saturday: This is the day to answer a question posed in the group. Looking at the response of every person, you get a chance to connect with people not only related to your niche but also with the people of your mindset. 

You can also join their community on Pinterest and Google Plus. Moreover, you can also find an opportunity to offer or receive a guest posting. 

Blogging Newbs

What comes in your mind when you see the word “Newbs”? Yes, you guessed correctly, it is short for “Newbies.” The best thing about this group is that it is for newbies and has twenty thousand members. 

Are all those members newbies? Definitely not. There are experienced bloggers too. Just try to create a growth mindset and learn. 

Bloggers United

The name of this group appears quite satisfying, isn’t it? Yes, it’s true. All the bloggers are united here, having more than twenty thousand members. This group allots seven days a week to different activities. In this way, you get exposure to various social media platforms and a chance to get out of your comfort zone. 

This forum provides you an opportunity to ask questions and share your expertise. 

The most important thing is that you must be clear about what your niche is. So that you may have a clear idea of what your audience is. Let’s get to know how this group works. 

Monday: This is your day to increase your knowledge, ask for problems, and respond to the issues others may have, and you know about them. 

Tuesday: This day, you will spend time on Instagram. And follow bloggers in and out of your niche. But you must specify your niche to target the right audience. 

Wednesday: You will spend on Facebook today and follow the threads. 

Thursday: This is a day to follow a Twitter thread. 

Friday: This day is dedicated to Bloglovin and Google Plus. You will need to state your niche to target the right audience. 

Saturday & Sunday: These days are for commenting and retweeting on the threads. Stumbleupon and Linked In are two additional platforms for commenting on Sunday making this one of the better online communities for bloggers. 

Grow your blog

This group has all the features that you’d want as a new blogger. You have a chance to connect with like-minded bloggers from whom you can learn and share ideas. 

As the group is active with influential participants over fifteen thousand members, there is a qualifying condition for you to join the group. You must own an active blog. If you haven’t, we are sorry to say that you can’t join it. But in a broader view, this restriction filters out all the crowd and lets only dedicated bloggers pass through. In other words, it is their quality-assurance parameter. 

When you sign up, you appear on the radar of the Active Member Map. 

The mentorship program is yet another distinguishing and aspiring feature of the group. You can enroll in the program where experienced bloggers/coaches train you for the blogging journey.

Bloggers supporting bloggers

 This group is a dynamic one having members above thirty-nine thousand. 

This particular group is rich if we talk about gaining experience and knowledge. There are plenty of resources and links that you can refer to. 

If you want to be noticed as a blogger very soon and want to promote yourself earlier, there is a facility of a paid promotion. However, there are free resources for your benefit, as well. 

If you are already an active blogger and want to join this group, then let us give you some good news that will encourage you to polish your skills even more. 

There is an opportunity to become a blogger of the week. For that, there is a form that you have to fill out. Its link is given in the About section of the group. 

On top of that, if you want to get an experience of blogging practically under the guidance of influential networks and earn money, you can find that opportunity here. You can find a link to join that network. There is no better way other than this to get hands-on experience.

The Blogging Crew

Do you want to become a member of the crew in the field of blogging? So, this place is for you.

Suppose you’ve already started as a blogger but don’t know how to increase the traffic. Just go to the link provided and take a FREE 7 Day Traffic Challenge Ecourse. You may not want to miss out on anything that comes for free, right?

In addition to the Facebook group, the admin has also created a separate website just for you guys. And you’ll be inspired by the way that website is organized. There is everything that you need as a new blogger. 

There are other features of that website as well. It guides you through creating, growing, and monetizing the blog. There are live sessions and webinars. You can also get a chance to work with the admin. 

Blog Support Group

This group is among a few that, in a way, force bloggers to participate. And you can guess what will be the consequence otherwise. Yeah, you got it right. You will be removed. So, you may have got a good idea that this group is only for those who are serious and active in blogging. 

There is also another Facebook group linked to this community. The name of that group is Creative Bloggers & Business. You need to be pretty active and participate in threads to survive in that group. 

Boost Your Blog

Do you want to give a boost to your blog? Well, here is an opportunity for you. As with other Facebook groups for bloggers, you have a chance to share your blog post, get feedback, and share suggestions to others. There are currently over forty-six thousand participants within the group that shows how popular the group is. 

Moreover, the admin of the group shares her own blog website. It is related to the Travel and Lifestyle niche. So, if you are one of those interested in this area, this can be an excellent opportunity to learn. Learn not only how to do blogging but also the lovely places to visit in the Mother Earth. 

Bloggers Promotion

Well, you are reading this article to promote yourself, your brand, and your blog. Again, for you to become qualified for this group, you must be actively working on the blog in the past. Your Facebook profile should reflect who you are. 

There are over sixty thousand members in the group. So, if you learn the art of producing engaging content, you can go viral. 

Find the posts that are shared in the group and reciprocate. When someone posts something, it is probably the best time and opportunity for you to learn as it is fresh and more people are viewing comments and reflecting upon them. So comment and let others know what sort of person you are. What views you have.  

Blogging and Earning

This group is by far the most unique and the best online community not only for bloggers but also for website owners. But how? This group is created by nine different organizations. 

Looking at the list, you should get a clear picture of what you should expect from this group. That’s why there are over seventy thousand members! Let’s join this unique member of online communities for bloggers now. The list is given below:

  • Content Writing Jobs
  • Adsolist
  • Adsnity
  • Online Advertising & Marketing Blog Ads 2020
  • Best Bookmarking Sites
  • Top Listed Webs
  • SEO Tips Blogger
  • Free Classified Sites

Start a Blogging Business

Let us start by telling you that this group has over two hundred thousand group members! So do you know what that means? If you are serious about professional blogging, you just post your blog and can go viral within a night. So, take this group seriously and as an opportunity. 

The group of people who run the Facebook community has their blog as well. You will not only find blogs on Family vacations and traveling but also, there are plenty of resources on that blog website that you can benefit from. 

This includes knowledge on starting a blog, blogging tips, and courses. Courses are both free and paid. In short, you don’t want to miss out on this group. 

The Sway Facebook Group

Having eighteen thousand members, this group is best for both bloggers and website owners (businessmen). You have the opportunity to share your blog posts. 

This group, with the help of its influential members, conducts free rockstar online classes to foster your growth as a businessman or a blogger. 

Inspired Bloggers Network

Time for some inspiration. This is a closed group of over ten thousand members. You cannot post here. But still, you can use the option of “Search” to find out the topic you would like to know more about. 

Now, let’s discuss the main benefit. This Facebook community is a by-product of the actual website that the owner has created. The name of that website is “Inspired Bloggers University.” Let’s enroll in the university today! You can start earning in between this university life. 

You can take courses on that website. There is everything you need to know from starting a blog to becoming an expert. It makes this one of the more insightful online communities for bloggers. 

Awesome Bloggers

Bloggers are awesome, there is no doubt in it. This group has over six thousand members. But that doesn’t mean that it is not worth it. In fact, you can easily get noticed if you publish your blog post here. 

This group whole-heartedly welcomes newbies.

Every day, engaging threads are posted. So, you get an excellent chance to interact with the people of your kind.  

Blog Beautiful

The title of this group appears charming. But it’s 100% true. In addition to the content, the design of your blog or business blog is also crucial. And that’s what you’ll learn from this group. 

So, if you are the one who is creative and wants to create your own blog design, this group is for you. This group also encourages participants to share their blogs for feedback. 

Productized Profits

This group is primarily for new entrepreneurs who want to grow their business in the digital world. This group was created not so long ago and has a moderate amount of group members. 

But a long list of features and benefits makes one feel amazed. Everything is designed to make the members feel comfortable and grow. There are live interactive sessions, questions & answers, online courses and coaching, and tips & insights. 

And what exactly do they teach you in these sessions? 

  • Niche selection
  • Offer creation
  • Marketing your services
  • Traffic and lead generation
  • Operational management & quality service delivery, and more

Impressive, isn’t it? Join it today. 

Traffic and Copy

If you want to gain knowledge about business development, then this group is for you. This is a public group where business people and entrepreneurs share their experiences. 

Topics such as increasing growth on social media, offering marketing services, cold emailing, increasing landing page conversions, and live questions & answer sessions are arranged within the group. 

Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

For those who want to grow online and are just new and want to fire their bosses this group is for those. The group welcomes new entrepreneurs to post questions and receive feedback when you feel like throwing in the towel. 

Different days are allotted to various activities. You can check out those on their About section of the Facebook page. 

This group has over seventeen thousand members. You have a chance to connect with like-minded people.

Digital Marketing Question & Answers

This group is a treat for you guys. No matter how much content is available online on Google, Youtube, and other social media platforms, getting personal recommendations from other people is exactly what you need to excel.

This group is mainly dedicated for the members to post their queries and issues they are facing. Eighty thousand people here in the group show that questions & answers are the keys to success. 

The Blueprint Training

Having almost fifteen thousand aspirants, this group is specially launched for business professionals who want to learn about digital marketing. 

The group assures a quality learning environment and a seriousness from the members too. So, if you want to be a part of this community, you’ve to present yourself as a professional. 

Affiliate Marketing Forums

This forum is both for the website owners as well as bloggers. This forum is based on how to market your business and grow to make it a great addition to our list of online communities for bloggers.

There are different sections for people with their skill set ranging from beginners, intermediate to advanced level from where they can take advantage. 

As a blogger, you can achieve significant knowledge of selecting your niche, how to start your blog, how to monetize it, and how to grow. 

As a new website owner and an entrepreneur, you will find enough resources and courses to kickstart your career in the digital world. 

Why Facebook For Online Communities For Bloggers?

Facebook is the most widely used social media throughout the world. Yes, we know that you love Facebook a lot. You can chat with your loved ones and can maintain healthy relationships. 

Now, we want you to move a step further and start using Facebook as your teacher. It is a category of social media, but consistent advancements have lifted it from just social media. 

Today, millions of people use this platform for marketing purposes, boosting sales, and growing business. It truly has made the world a global village. Today, it has made it much easier for entrepreneurs to market themselves and become successful quickly. 

So, how is it possible that it can leave our bloggers and website owners behind? The examples of the online communities that we just provided you with are only a few. You can find plenty of resources out there where you can drastically improve your knowledge and skills to produce something better for good. 

Benefits of Facebook Groups For Bloggers

The most prominent feature of Facebook is that it offers an interactive atmosphere, which is difficult in other forums. Experienced people share tips and techniques while beginners can ask for the solutions. Everyone feels pride in resolving and addressing your queries and issues. 

If you are a blogger, you can’t write on every topic of the world, right? You will have to pick a niche. So, joining Facebook groups helps you connect with the people of your niche. 

You can not only view their articles but can also get technical feedback on your shared content. It saves a great deal of your time. Beautifying your writing, otherwise could cost you ages. 

Secondly, if you are a website owner, you will find plenty of groups on any of the following domain: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Entrepreneurship/Startup
  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing

Hence, these groups can play a role of a dreamworld full of resources, opportunities, support, and knowledge. 

Featured Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Need some help with your content strategy or written content? We can help – think of us as your personal expert member of the online communities for bloggers, right here at your disposal.

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