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Proof of Concept – The Content Marketing Client Case Study of 2022

Read our content marketing case study to see how we are helping one business in a highly competitive niche.

  • Client Niche: SAAS
  • Competition Level: High

Content Marketing Strategy

We would review two primary competitors, both with opposite marketing strategies. One was to rank for high-competition purchase intent terms. The other was to rank for multiple medium to low competition and low to medium intent (indirect purchase intent) for a longer funnel. We went after BOTH strategies.

Zero backlink strategy included. Strategy for content: highly researched and valuable content that would naturally generate backlinks from citations and sourcing.

Utilize the Farm 6 Media services:

    • Content Strategy – Topical Analysis and Strategy
    • Keyword Research with Advanced Research/Targeting
    • Content Writing
    • Custom Graphics
    • The above services were performed monthly and also included weekly consultations.

Service Timeline

Service officially began on January 13, 2021 (1.5 years at the time of writing)

Started with +- 1300 impressions per day with +- 20 clicks per day

By December of 2021, +- 6000 impressions per day with +- 120 clicks per day with 65 articles published (35 blog posts, 30 articles w/downloadable template)

By March 2022, +- 9000 impressions with +- 180 clicks per day with 90 articles published (40 articles with downloadable templates and 50 blog posts)

The client decided to do a domain change in March 2022

New domain dropped to +- 400 impressions and +- 30 clicks per day in mid-March 2022.

By April, we got the site back up to +- 9500 impressions and +- 190 clicks per day.

By mid-June of 2022, +- 30,000 impressions per day and +- 500 clicks per day with 64 blog posts and 55 downloadables with attached articles.

With 500 clicks per day, the client received ten weekly leads, resulting in approximately two converting clients. The post-acquisition conversion funnel was NOT under Farm 6 Management. Therefore, with their funnel (not set up by Farm 6 Media, unfortunately), the result was a 2% conversion rate. We felt we could optimize to at least 6% if the client had implemented our funnel systems.

Cost of Traffic

Research verified that the cost of traffic in mid-June of 2022 would have cost the client approximately $23,327.42 if Google Ads were utilized to receive the traffic over a 30-day period.

The estimated traffic value for the content marketing client case study by


Estimated Traffic Value according to Ubersuggest.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Writing (252,651 words) $16,386.05
  • Graphics (downloadables, logo) $8,986.19
  • Consultations (Keyword Research, Email Funnels, etc) $8,937.10
  • Total cost to the client from hiring Farm 6 Media: $34,436.38
  • Estimated total savings versus paid ads: $172,000.00


  • 1.5 years in a highly competitive niche
  • 2500% growth in traffic using ONLY content writing and graphics services from Farm 6 Media!
  • 68 Blog articles written
  • 59 Template articles with a downloadable template (one downloadable per article) written/created
  • Total cost to client: $34,436.38
  • Total ad spend to achieve the same results: $207,000.00
  • Total savings versus ad spend (approximately) $172,000.000
  • Assuming a 2% final conversion rate and an approximate value of $8,000 per sale, the client would get roughly $64,000 in business in one month at an approximate cost of $2500 for monthly content marketing services. That equates to a 2560% ROI or an advertising cost of 3.9% of the Gross Sales.

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