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Resources - The Content Publisher's Toolbox

We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite tools for blogging, searching, analyzing, building, and more.  Take a look around, let us know if you have any questions (we use all these tools, or have used these tools so we’re really familiar with their abilities and limitations).  

There are a number of elements that make a good website.  These start with the backend boring stuff that most of us don’t want to deal with.  But it’s not all grey storm clouds, sunny days are coming.  But first, let’s take a quick look at what a new site is going to need and we’ll go through the tools we recommend at every turn.

Website Hosting

From new sites to existing, we've got the recommendations you need for a great hosting experience.

WordPress Plugins

You don't need many. You shouldn't use many. But there are some plugins that are worth investing in.

Best Apps For Content Creators

Images (and text) for posts, video for YouTube, audio for your podcast - all of these will require editing.


We believe in life-long-learning. Our favorite courses for web owners, that we recommend and trust. We have tried and tested these courses ourselves.

WordPress Themes

WordPress uses themes to beautify your site. Find a lean and versatile theme here we use with our own sites.


From travel laptops to audio recording to cameras, we drop our favorites here for you.
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