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Display Optimization Audit

Service Description

In the digital age, ensuring your website’s display is optimized for every user is paramount. Our Display Optimization Audit offers an extensive evaluation, from loading speeds to user experience across various devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Display Optimization Audit – Essentials Tier

For small to medium-sized businesses, the Essentials tier provides a focused analysis of 5 key pages, including actionable tips for immediate improvements.

Display Optimization Audit – Advantage Tier

Corporations seeking a deeper dive can opt for the Advantage tier, which extends the audit to 20 representative pages or page types, guaranteeing a comprehensive enhancement of your site’s display performance. With our expert insights, your website will not only meet but exceed user expectations, driving engagement and elevating your brand’s online footprint.


An ai-generated representative image of multiple hardware types for viewing a website. This image is representative of Farm 6 Media's Display Optimization Audit service. Learn more at Optimization Audit
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