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Keyword Research – Custom Keyword Target List

Service Description

Keyword Research – The laborious task of combing historical search query data and cross-referencing it with live SERP to find content marketing SEO opportunities. No one likes to do time that keyword search demands and keyword research for blog posts can be confusing. That’s where we come in.

Were you looking to dominate your niche market? Were you tired of the labor-intensive keyword search? We’ve got your new best keyword service right here!

The Keyword Research List is your perfect ally!

We gather a huge list of potential keywords using the top industry tools. Then, we carve it down with multiple parameters based on your specific site/niche/topical coverage and other data to perfectly suit your niche topic, content strategy, and current domain and site authority. Anyone can pay for the tools, but do they know how to use them, combined with the knowledge to find the best targets and opportunities? Trust the professionals at Farm 6 Media.

The Keyword Research List saves you from buying costly monthly tools – let us dig through the data! It’s the easiest way to tailor your keyword planner to your niche!

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have helped hundreds of web owners move the needle on their site traffic. Isn’t it time for you to do the same?

What You Get With Our Keyword Research Search Analysis Service:

  • A curated list of 100 filtered* keywords (*filtered to provide the best results, top results hand-picked by one of our SEOs)
  • Historical search volume data
  • CTR metrics
  • SEO ranking difficulty rating 
  • Search intent optics
  • And actionable advice about which targets to go after first!

Don’t miss out – order your Keyword Research List today!

Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $249.00.

A representation of global search and interconnectedness.Keyword Research – Custom Keyword Target List
Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $249.00.
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