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Technical SEO Audit and Corrective Action Plan​

Service Description

Introducing Our Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit Service: Turn Red Flags into Green Lights for Your Website’s SEO

Why Settle for Data When You Can Get Actionable Insights?

In a world drowning in analytics and numbers, what you need isn’t more data—it’s a roadmap to success. Our Technical SEO Audit goes beyond highlighting issues; we give you a precise, easy-to-follow checklist to turn your site’s SEO weaknesses into strengths.

What’s Included?

We meticulously analyze your site for the following:

  • 4xx Response Code
  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Title Tags
  • Low Word Count
  • Multiple Meta Descriptions
  • No H1 Heading
  • No Meta Description
  • Page Blocked From Crawling
  • SEO Friendly URL Keywords Check
  • SEO Non-Friendly URL
  • Title Tag Too Long
  • Title Tag Too Short

The Deliverable: A Customized, Actionable SEO Checklist

Gone are the days of sifting through complex reports and wondering what to do next. You’ll receive a straightforward checklist designed for action. Each point comes with easy-to-understand instructions that you—or your developer—can implement immediately to improve your site’s SEO performance. Delivered right to your email in 24 hours or less. Why does it take so long? Because a REAL SEO reviews it, that’s why!

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Leveraging years of SEO knowledge, we know what works—and what doesn’t.
  • Precision: We focus on actionable steps, not data dumps.
  • Clarity: Our report eliminates guesswork. You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it matters.

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Don’t leave your website’s performance to chance. Tap into a resource that offers you actionable insights, not just metrics. Hit the “Buy Now” button and let’s turn those red flags into green lights for your website’s SEO!


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