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Ways Maryland Business Owners Can Drive Traffic To Their Websites

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This photo shows the bustling Baltimore harbor where business flourishes.

Imagine a consumer walks up to one of the new Maryland business owners. They’re wondering if that particular company is booming, and so they ask, “Do you have a website I can visit?” What if the owner says “no”?

When we see an increase in companies developing websites of their own, we see them not knowing where to start. It often seems like it’s quickly thrown together, and owners haven’t taken the time or consideration to set it up. And let’s say they have successfully set up their web domain; what traction will they have? After all, it’s not productive to stand around waiting for people to type into google and stumble across a new company’s name.

Many brands focus too much on just attracting new consumers or customers because that’s what content marketing ploys tell them to do. They often forget traditional methods, their unique methods, and modern methods that will allow them to gain traction just as quickly. It is interesting because website traffic can be very crucial to a business’s growth. Especially when the focus goes on the audiences, a company is trying to reach. There are many ways and many articles that will tell you how to direct traffic to your website, but today we’re going to take a look at 13 simple ways.

Understand how to describe your target audience

When a target audience is understood, it’s easier to capture that target audience’s attention. I know it’s tempting for a brand to say, “This is can be for anyone!” Although that can be true, understanding common characteristics and setting a demographic throughout the brand, especially on the website, is a must! When new potential consumers stumble across a business’s website for the first time, that business has to know how to say, “This is for you and this is how we can help you,” and keep their attention, from just the home page, without diverting.

Develop an Emotional Connection

You’ll get more reach from an audience if they truly believe your business has a legitimate interest in their wants and needs. You don’t necessarily have to tug at their heartstrings; however, when people search to bring their business to a brand, usually those people seek out the brands that align with their values. When trust builds, it allows consumers to be comfortable enough to build familiarity with that brand. Targeting what content people are often going toward can be a useful tool also.

Use Social Media As A Tool.

When a Maryland business owner understands the target audiences, the increasing of awareness is essential to a business’s success, and social media allows a building of rapport with new clientele. Suppose a strategy is kept specific and reliable. In that case, loyal clientele will tweet/snap/post about their positive experiences on their accounts, direct their followers to research a business and the business’s website. 

When a company attaches it’s social media on its websites, customers will feel more inclined to follow it for any updates and new additions that they might like. It’s a modern-day and effective way of marketing.

Create a Maneuverable Website

I don’t know about anybody else, but I wouldn’t say I like it when exploring a website. It’s so confusing that I’m left to keep refreshing it, repeatedly returning to the home page, or close it altogether. Especially for startups, when creating a web domain, it’s essential to keep it simple and easy for customers to maneuver through. I get it! Maryland business owners want to be unique; however, if the clientele is getting frustrated past the “About Us” tab, then being unique is redundant. Be unique in the overall brand, but keeping it straight forward will be more rewarding when it comes to the website.

Have a “Fun Facts” Tab

Using a “fun facts” tab on your website can be a great tool to capture new consumers’ attention. More and more these days, people want to know where they’re giving their business. Telling more information about the brand, other than the standard introduction, will put a better taste in people’s mouths. They might ask themselves, “Oh! This seems fun,” while reading your fun facts.

Things like how did the company get its name? Were there funny times when the company sales on a product flopped? Or are there any well-known brands and celebrities that have been apart of a company’s success? People want to see the humor and also the intriguing parts of a business. Sometimes Maryland business owners need to embrace a sense of humor and connection to fulfill a great Fun Facts section on their website.


One of the most, if not the most, effective ways Maryland business owners can drive traffic of a target audience to a business’s site is by blogging. Not only does blogging build brand awareness and intrigue the interest of audiences, but it also provides useful content to the same audience you are trying to reach. Just through topics, a brand might give people the satisfaction of knowing the personality and voice the brand is trying to put out. For startups, simply choosing issues like how you can help or why that particular company is relative will give people a sense of where you’re coming from, which will incline people to direct themselves to your business more often. Even bringing guest bloggers on your website can help build trust and insight!


When consumers first discover your business, they want to make sure that when exploring your website, your website provides relevance to what they’re searching for, if that isn’t already obvious. Whether that is products, services, or news, this brings me to your search engine system. Key phrases or keywording is very important when setting up a brand’s site. If a company provides the right content but has a complicated process of searching for that content, what’s the point? Although keywording is essential for your content and what you’re selling, keywording is just as important, if not more, to the audience. I can’t buy something from somewhere if I don’t know it exists.

Be Careful about choosing topics/products.

Well, here comes the “protecting your image” talk. Completing research is essential when businesses start blogging or start to put out new products or projects. Research can mean a bunch of things nowadays. It could mean social media, google, focus groups, and books. It may seem like something Maryland business owners should already be aware of before even starting a company. However, we see more and more news about controversial blogs and products taken down because it sparks racial debates, defaming claims, or sexist arguments against them. Carefully choosing what you put up and what you could be the very backbone of a brand’s success, money, and reputation.

A company should be meticulous about what they choose to talk about because it needs to fit the image. Your content should be a representation of the company’s niche. Comparing apples to oranges might confuse your audience. It’s all right to step out of the box some of the time; however, when people visit your website, they shouldn’t be surprised at what they’re getting.

Creative and Compelling Headlines

It’s safe to say that it’s essential to capture the audience’s attention when directing traffic to a Maryland business owner’s website. Many other marketing ploys will make it sound so much more complicated than it is. You’ll probably hear that your headline has to be “catchy, snappy, or turn the gears around in people’s heads.” While all that is true, You can describe a good headline in a simple statement. Be creative.

Sometimes being “clickbaity” or obnoxious isn’t a company’s niche. It’s all right if it isn’t, and it’s all right if it is. Ultimately, when a headline is compelling, it’ll set the tone for what audiences can expect as long as it’s relevant and unique to the company.

 Advertise on Other Platforms

How do businesses gain more traction? Advertise, advertise, advertise! Just like how people connect through people, websites connect through websites. A brand should rely on advertising through social media and consider it through other brands and streaming platforms. Examples like Youtube, Hulu, Etsy, Reddit, even other news blogs. Getting your company’s name and site into the ears of new audiences can expand your company’s success!

Be Active and Responsive in the Comment Section

There will be times when people aren’t going to have the best experience with your company and its content. That’s to be expected because it comes with the territory. When building a community on your site and building a rapport with your audience, it’s essential to show that you care actively. Whether customers have a positive experience or negative, not only privately between individuals but also publicly where others can see and expect the same treatment. So, why not join the conversation? That’s why being active, responsive, and considerate in an open comment section is essential. Building a positive reputation for your audience will allow people not to be afraid to come back.

 Don’t Be Boring

It’s imperative to be straightforward, specific, and relevant where it counts; however, don’t be boring. Meaning, where there are areas that allow you to expand your creativity and being more original, take the opportunity! You don’t want your audience to compare your brand to every other average company. Being one of the unique Maryland business owners will create an awareness in people’s minds, which will outshine all of the other brands. 

Be creative with the way you decorate your site, or how you give promotions, or even the way you display your content. Be interested in your audience’s questions and their excitement. On social media, you may even want to post something that isn’t directly related to the company, that way; it seems more relatable. Doing the standard every step of the method isn’t going to direct much traffic your way.

 Monitor your Competition

Maryland business owners need to learn, research, and monitor their competitors. Generally, it allows a company to differentiate itself from others. You know, ensuring a company is unique and original. But ultimately, it helps a company to stay alert about changes and fluctuating demands and interests. It also allows businesses to minimize wrongdoings and correct any pending projects they might already have because they’re avoiding their competitors’ mistakes. Simple things like analyzing rankings and staying alert on new content will help one step ahead of other companies.

Main image by 1778011 from Pixabay

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